Secure. Safe. Backed by the best.

Best in market cargo thermal management combined with the latest security features.

Sensitivity. Compliance. Aviation understanding.

It’s worth millions. It’s needed now, not later. 
Your customers want to know every minute.

Your call – common carrier or aviation experts?

  • Aviation Security Plans approved by relevant Australian authorities ;
  • Regulated Cargo Agent Approval (‘RACA’);
  • All staff passed Federal Police checks;
  • All maintenance programs contracted to OEMs or industry leading providers;
  • Basic Fatigue Management (BFM) where required;
  • Dangerous Goods Initial Pack and Acceptance and IATA DG certified; and
  • Freight management system providing tracking and location of all freight.

Equipment Security and Compliance

All PBS equipment will be equipped with security
and compliance data telematics

Geo-fenced GPS tracking

Real time geo-fenced GPS tracking with cellular uplink on both prime movers and trailers;

Compliance & driver monitoring

Compliance reporting and driver monitoring of speeding, driving hours, route management;

DVR surveillance video

DVR surveillance video on prime movers;

Trailer temperature

Trailer temperature in real time and history reports along with reefer operational status;

Engine reporting

Prime mover service status and engine management fault reporting to base;

Door Status & mass reporting

Trailer doors open/close status & Combination mass reporting to ensure mass compliance.