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Air cargo logistics is more than just transport – it’s integrated solutions.

Your cargo visible online 24/7

Imagine knowing where your road consigned cargo is in real time.
 On your PC, tablet or smartphone. Anywhere. Anytime.
 Imagine no more. SkyIQ is our first to market aviation optimised e-TMS that gives the aviation logistics industry everything, fully SITA enabled. After all, why should a truck be different to an airplane when customers want to know where their cargo is?

SkyIQ sends the cargo milestone reports via SITA or other means providing real status in your systems – where it counts. Where your customers can see it. GPS geo-fenced data is available for audit purposes if any need arises. No more endless phone calls, faxes, and mystery.


Skyroad first to market with SkyIQ

aviation optimised e-TMS.

Skyroad first to market with SkyIQ aviation optimised e-TMS.
When cargo is on our trucks, security cleared customers can see the tracking data anytime, anywhere using the internet, whether by PC, tablet or via a smartphone. Our operations team can assign trucks and trailers to the cargo including sending full cargo tasking via messaging to drivers. Drivers revert by acknowledgement of all steps in the cargo value stream using their onboard messaging and management equipment. SkyIQ. No paper. No confusion. Only certainty.