The industry leading team is Skyroad.

Air Cargo Road Feeder Service, aviation logistics and supply chain, and air cargo express transport

Company History

Skyroad Logistics was launched in February 2015 as a special startup project at the request of former customers of our ownership team. Compelled to bring back the service levels and customer focus we were renowned for until the sale of a former company in 2008, we started with a ground up review of what we could do better. The ownership team formed a business plan to bring the company into the air cargo Road Feeder Service (RFS) market by 2016.

During the following six months we researched equipment, systems, new regulations and established strong relationships with industry leading companies in other markets. We travelled to those markets and learnt as much as we could to challenge the status quo of the Road Feeder Service and express transport industry in Australia. We brought those ideas and the vision back with us as part of our strategy.

In June 2015 we incorporated the new operating business and soon after, in August 2015 we ordered our first road borne equipment from Kenworth and Maxitrans including ground breaking design aimed at productivity. We proudly launched the first SkyMax truck and trailer combinations in November 2015 ready to service our first contracted airline customers.

Since then we have focussed on serving our customers with a genuine small company focus while bringing our world best systems into a new market. These systems, such as SkyIQ, deliver an experience to aviation logistics customers that is second to none.


Just a year after launching operations we already moved to our second phase telemetry systems and tested the SkyIQ hardware on OEM truck fleets in partnership with our providers.

Similarly, we started deliveries of our latest generation Sky-Modular trailers, another true Australian first. These bring productivity and flexibility matched to the unique needs of the current aviation logistics markets including future proofing for the new age of High Productivity Vehicles and their route networks enabled by the Performance Based Standards (PBS) scheme. While other companies dwell in the decades old standard trailer designs and dimensions, Skyroad’s team builds ours around our customer’s cargo needs.

As we look to completing our third year in business in 2018 our company proudly enjoys growing success based on customer relationships that have grown through trust and respect. Our growth has been balanced and cautious while we cement each step with self assessment and a focus on continuous improvement. Our success is also delivered with the knowledge our suppliers are some of the best in industry.

Only a company with a history of ground up innovation built from knowledge of the real industry leaders can deliver this level of customer focus. Our customers rely on decisions and their direct relationships with the owners of the business. Our growth is driven by our simple words – Customers First. Last. Everything Between.

Leadership Team

peter_imgPeter Assel 

Managing Director

Mr. Assel is the Managing Director of Skyroad Logistics. His experience includes eight years with Boeing, thirteen years with QANTAS Airways, and eleven years part time with Jets Transport Express. In addition to the experience listed, he is also a current FAA A&P licence holder.

anthony_clarkAnthony Clark

Director (SCO)

Mr. Clark holds extensive leadership experience across all forms of supply chain and logistics, especially dangerous goods and high security cargo, at leading companies such as GE Aviation, Orica Mining Services (explosives), and Coca-Cola Amatil. Given his extensive experience in high security and dangerous cargo supply chain, he is also our designated Security Contact Officer (‘SCO’) registered with the Department of Infrastructure.

img_aboutColin Wakelam 

Manager – Customers

Mr. Wakelam’s experience includes over 15 years in air freight road feeder and specialised transport operations with niche providers renowned for customer service such as Finemores, Bobbins, Bonaccord and Jets Transport Express. He knows what it takes to exceed customer expectations and does so with a passion rarely met let alone exceeded. Colin is also our specialist for dangerous goods and fatigue compliance schemes.


The Skyroad Logistics team will provide our customers with consistently reliable logistics solutions on every occasion with no excuses and no shortcuts – just the best service every time.


Vision and Values

Integrity – Doing what we promise in a consistent, honest & respectful manner. We will not let customers down by promising something we know we cannot do.

Initiative & innovation – Being creative, encouraging ideas and focusing on adding value to our customers. We want to push the industry by saying yes wherever we can.

Passion – Caring more than our competitors, being accountable for our performance and having fun while doing our job.

Leadership – We encourage all of our people to make decisions and apply their knowledge and expertise to all tasks.



Recognition – People perform best when they are empowered, accountable and recognised.

Courage – Having the courage to challenge change and strive for more than we thought possible yesterday.

Safety and environment – All injuries are preventable and everyone has a right to go home safely. We embed sustainable thinking in everything we do from the ground up.

Responsible – how we go about achieving success is as important as success itself. We must act ethically and within the law at all times without exception.

Success – We believe in creating a symbiotic relationship where our customers’ success creates our success.